Showing Assistant

Who are we?

The New Home Collective with Keller Williams Greater Lexington is a group of the sharpest and most enthusiastic real estate professionals ever assembled. The New Home Collective makes opportunities for people by selectively connecting talented people with positions that focus on personal and professional growth within their and the company’s core values.

Who are we looking for?

The Showing Assistant will be an individual who is highly sociable, draws energy from working with people, and is optimistic and outgoing. They have a compelling desire to support the lead agent in achieving team success, while being committed to growing their own skills and to developing into a leader within the team.

After the lead agent performs a needs analysis, the lead agent will pass the desired criteria to the Showing Assistant. The Showing Assistant will pick up the baton and find homes that meet the criteria, and they will drive buyer clients to those homes. As clients explore homes, the Showing Assistant will work with clients to confirm or refine criteria and will show additional homes as needed. When buyer clients are ready to make an offer, the Showing Assistant will pass the baton back to the lead agent.

A Showing Assistant should be able to successfully show homes to around three to four buyers a month.

The Showing Assistant will have a real estate license in order to meet MLS criteria for the duties in this role. Additionally, they may be eager to earn the right to use their license as a Lead Buyer Specialist. They are forward-looking individuals who develop and maintain positive professional relationships. They have a track record of success, and a palpable desire to succeed in this role, as well as their next.

What will you do?

These are the standards a well-above-average performer will maintain or exceed:

  • Assist the lead agent by showing homes to buyer clients
  • Assist the lead agent by identifying homes that meet the criteria as specified by the lead agent after the lead agent has completed a needs analysis

Management Responsibilities

  • None, though a talented performer in this role may move into a leadership position

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Driving buyer clients to homes
  • Working with buyer clients to refine their needs and wants based on seeing homes
  • Finding homes that meet buyer clients’ criteria


  • Lead Agent – daily
  • Buyers– daily


  • People oriented
  • Happy, positive
  • Ability to spend a large amount of time driving in their car
  • Ability to analyze clients’ needs and wants and match them to homes
  • Learning based
  • Ambitious with proven ability to succeed
  • High school graduate
  • Real estate license
  • Success

Team: Showing Assistant

The chart below describes the key talents and personality traits of a person matching the Team: Showing Assistantjob at Keller Williams.

Traits appear in order of importance to the job. Gray bars indicate each trait’s target range.
Traits without a gray bar are not predictive.

Highest Impact Traits

Structure: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range naturally focus on maintaining a structured environment and processing work in an organized manner. They are receptive to rules and regulations and to specific criteria for measuring success. While they prefer to avoid routine work and delays, they see the importance of carefully attending to crucial details.

Sociability: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range display a good level of natural sociability. Characteristically, they take a genuine interest in other people and in meeting their legitimate needs. They have good capacity for communicating effectively and for keeping people informed.

Vocabulary: The target for this trait is high. People in this range learn easily and quickly from their environments. They pick up new information readily and learn rapidly when circumstances change. They typically make use of a wide range of acquired experience and knowledge in making decisions, deciding on a course of action, or adjusting to a changed environment.


Rapid Problem Solving: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range can solve problems in rapid succession using a quick, intuitive approach. They like to have new issues to deal with every day. They can typically handle smaller issues quickly and move on to the next one without pausing.

Responsiveness: The target for this trait is low medium. People in this range maintain a useful degree of responsiveness and time sensitivity while avoiding impulsive or rash reactions. They are motivated to meet deadlines and organizational standards while keeping activities running smoothly and projects under control.

Adaptability: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range are adaptable and are typically agreeable and pleasant when working with others. They find it easy to be sympathetic and supportive to others, and they work hard to avoid misunderstandings.


Optimism: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range maintain a generally positive sense of the future, and they like to see positives in others and in most situations. They like being on good terms with nearly everyone.

Assertiveness: The target for this trait is low medium. People in this range are naturally conservative in their actions. They prefer to think things through and to gauge potential outcomes before taking action. They are not typically demanding nor do they have the need to dominate other people or situations.

Intensity: The target for this trait is medium. People in this range like to deal directly and actively with work issues and obstacles as they arise. They can also think about alternative solutions before moving forward.

Logical Problem Solving: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range have a good ability to solve complex problems logically. They are able to pull difficult issues apart to deal with the components one by one. They like being able to think through a problem or solution in order to present it carefully and logically to others.

Spatial Visualization: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range have a strong ability to think in three or more dimensions. This helps them deal easily with structural or spatial tasks. This ability is related to solving design, engineering, and mathematical problems. It also helps them deal with some kinds of abstractions, such as systems and complicated environments with many variables in constant flux.

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