Inside Sales Agent

Who are we?

The New Home Collective with Keller Williams Greater Lexington is a group of the sharpest and most enthusiastic real estate professionals ever assembled. The New Home Collective makes opportunities for people by selectively connecting talented people with positions that focus on personal and professional growth within their and the company’s core values.

Who are we looking for?

The Inside Sales Agent draws energy from working with people and works with a sense of urgency. This enthusiastic, self-starting person with a passion for selling is responsible for converting a massive amount of leads into appointments through personalized follow-up.

This individual will take ownership of leads and actively systematize the conversion process for maximum effectiveness. They record their productivity and sales metrics and track the results in regular accountability meetings. This person has the organizational and time management skills necessary to handle the constant flow of leads coming in, going out, the subsequent documentation, assignment, and follow-up of those leads.

This individual must be highly trustworthy—in addition to being the first point of contact to the team, they will also have access to sensitive files and information regarding associates, customers, and finances.

The Inside Sales Agent’s activities directly affect the bottom line, and as such, they are deeply committed to the team achieving greater and greater levels of success, as well as to growing their own skills and developing into a leader within the team.

What will you do?

These are the standards a well-above-average performer will maintain or exceed:

  • Cultivate relationships to convert inbound leads to appointments
  • Manage the sales database through the sales cycle
  • Consult with real estate agents to ensure fiduciary service of the real estate transaction from initial contact through the listing agreement


  • Inbound Leads – daily
  • Agents on Team – daily
  • Direct Manager – daily

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Manage cultivation of inbound & outbound sales inquiries to convert leads to appointments
  • Practice and follow scripts to deliver the team value proposition and handle objections
  • Qualify leads to accurately convey motivation, competition, and financial specifics to real estate agents
  • Manage database to ensure processes run smoothly and there is rigorous lead
  • Accurately track and report productivity and sales metrics
  • Understand and internalize evolving real estate trends in the local market
  • Understand and adhere to local, state, and federal laws regarding real estate brokerage services

Management Responsibilities

  • None, though a talented performer in this role may move into a leadership position


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional telephone skills—ability to set and close appointments over the phone and willingness to spend the majority of the workday on the phone
  • Ability to learn and internalize scripts and dialogues
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Ambitious with proven ability to succeed
  • Learning based
  • Team player
  • High school graduate
  • Real estate license
  • Demonstrable record of sales success against quotas

Team: Inside Sales Agent

The chart below describes the key talents and personality traits of a person matching the Team: Inbound Sales Agent job at Keller Williams.

Traits appear in order of importance to the job. Gray bars indicate each trait’s target range.
Traits without a gray bar are not predictive.

Highest Impact Traits

Assertiveness: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range are assertive and results-driven individuals who enjoy taking action. They are decisive and competitive, and they prefer a direct approach to getting things done.

Rapid Problem Solving: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range can solve problems in rapid succession using a quick, intuitive approach. They like to have new issues to deal with every day. They can typically handle smaller issues quickly and move on to the next one without pausing.

Vocabulary: The target for this trait is high. People in this range learn easily and quickly from their environments. They pick up new information readily and learn rapidly when circumstances change. They typically make use of a wide range of acquired experience and knowledge in making decisions, deciding on a course of action, or adjusting to a changed environment.


Responsiveness: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range are responsive and quick in their reactions. They are naturally fast-moving and action-oriented, and they tend to operate with a sense of urgency. They tend to be dissatisfied with slow-moving environments.

Logical Problem Solving: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range have a good ability to solve complex problems logically. They are able to pull difficult issues apart to deal with the components one by one. They like being able to think through a problem or solution in order to present it carefully and logically to others.


Structure: The target for this trait is medium. People in this range are most productive in jobs that provide a moderate level of structure. However, they are not dependent on step-by-step direction and prefer to have some latitude and flexibility in developing work strategies.

Sociability: The target for this trait is low medium. People in this range are reserved and conservative on a social basis. They tend to be low-key rather than outgoing or spontaneous, but they can enjoy friendly exchanges with others. They are willing to approach new people for a specific purpose or to accomplish a concrete goal.

Adaptability: The target for this trait is low medium. People in this range will respect and respond to other people’s legitimate expectations while maintaining their own emotional independence. They will not usually compromise just to avoid conflict.

Intensity: The target for this trait is medium high. People in this range like to deal directly and energetically with obstacles at work. They feel a strong emotional drive to overcome difficulties and develop solutions when problems arise.

Optimism: The target for this trait is low medium. Although people in this range can be generally friendly, they tend to maintain a healthy skepticism about people and situations and anticipate things that might possibly go wrong.

Spatial Visualization: The target for this trait is high. People in this range have a very strong ability to think in three or more dimensions. This helps them deal easily with structural or spatial tasks. This ability is strongly related to solving scientific, mathematical, design, and engineering problems. It also helps them deal with some kinds of abstractions, such as systems and complicated environments with many variables in constant flux.

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