Working on task, always!

✜The New Home Collective✜

Bob Sophiea
Bob Sophiea

CEO, Team Leader

I work hard! I'm on time! I love to negotiate! I ANSWER THE PHONE or call you back asap! My passion is learning new marketing skills, especially on ways to grow our massive presence on social media and the internet.

Brooke Stadtfeld

Director of Operations

Brooke is the central hub of the New Home Collective and leads the team's administrative operations. She coordinates listings and is at the forefront of client care and outreach. She is happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your home!

Team Member
Miranda Ranieri

Executive Assistant

DJ Quarles
DJ Quarles

Listing Agent

As one of our experienced listing specialists, DJ is committed to matchless client service. Skillfully negotiating until the close allows optimal outcome in the least amount of time.

Team Member
Brandon Cox


On the phones from sun up to sun down, Brandon is PROACTIVELY working hard to find buyers for our listings and listings for our buyers. Enough waiting for the right place and time, Brandon connects people to the right agent to meet their real estate needs.

Eric Kimble
Eric Kimble

HomeTown Lenders

Nik Markovich
Nik Marklovich

Buyer's Agent

I love what I do and helping educate buyers and sellers in the whole real estate process. I am honest, full of energy, easy to get along with, enthusiastic, competitive, and most of all, a man of my word when comes to achieving goals and getting things done. I want to earn my client’s trust and advise you every step of the way so that you can enjoy the process from beginning to the very end.

Clay Wilson
Clay Wilson

Buyer's Agent

Clay Wilson was raised in Lexington. He started his career in business and sales negotiation straight out of college, and began utilizing his negotiation skills for real estate in 2017. Now living in Richmond with his wife, he his happy to share his knowledge of the area and his expertise with clients in the greater Lexington area. If you're ready to make a move, give Clay a call!


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Mission, Vision,
Values, and

Our Mission

Focus on Associates by creating opportunities for education, accomplishment, and success beyond expectation.

Our Vision

To be the Real Estate Company of choice in Nationwide by only working with most talented and growth-oriented Associates.

Our Values


We succeed through others. You will have to be able to recruit leaders, lead leaders, and strive to become the best leader possible. Leaders take 100% responsibility for all failures while normally giving the accolades of success to others.



We are open minded and committed to getting better every day.



We only hire the most accountable people in the industry. We are accountable – not to a boss, but to the results.



We are successful in following our models and committing to our Mission, Vision and Values.



We are relentlessly compelled by the need to accomplish our goals



We ALWAYS speak the truth and act truthfully

Our Perspective

Our business is a place that improves the lives of everyone it touches.