Your House is ``Under Contract`` Next Step-Home Inspection Tips

Congratulations! Your home is “Under Contract” now what?

The next step is a home inspection.  The buyer will hire a home inspector to inspect your property.

Here are some tips for sellers to prepare for home inspection:

  • Ensure Gas/Propane, Electricity and Water are all turned on and operating throughout the home.
  • Deactivate any alarm systems. 
  • Make sure all Appliances and Fireplaces are operational to be tested.
  • Inspector will need access to the Attic, Crawlspaces, Electrical Panels, Water Heaters, HVAC Systems and Water Main Shut off.  Clear these areas.
  • Clear out spaces in front of attic access points so that the home inspector can easily enter and leave without moving things or getting insulation on the seller’s items. 
  • Please open all blinds and currents for access to the windows.
  • Provide keys and codes for all doors, locks and additional buildings.
  • Process can take 4+ hours depending on size of home.
  • Buyer is usually scheduled to come to property to review  inspection
  • Seller should NOT be present during inspection

Christion House provides professional home inspection services for:

Woodford, Scott, Bourbon, Montgomery, Clark, Jessamine, and Fayette Counties.

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