What to expect during a Home Inspection

To begin the process of inspecting a property we start by “setting up” the home. During this process we go through the property and open all doors, blinds, and curtains. We will activate all the lights throughout the home, run all the faucets, flush all toilets, turn on air conditioning systems and begin testing major appliances.  Once these tasks are accomplished, we will locate the distribution panel, remove the outer covering, exposing the wiring and inspecting the electrical systems had been installed in a professional manner. 

We move from room to room, opening accessible doors and windows, testing accessible electrical outlets, switches, and fixtures, as well as searching for any visible signs of damage to the physical structure of the home ( i.e. Cracks around doors and windows and finished materials etc.).  As we perform these tasks, and after the Cooling/Heating has been running for a sufficient amount of time, we will check that the temperature differences between the supply and return vents are optimal.  Doing this shows us how well, or not so well, the furnace units are performing.  Furthermore, we will test that the major appliances in the home are all in working order and are performing efficiently.  

Next, we will locate the attic access and begin our inspection of the roof interior, insulation, structure, as well as any major systems that may be located in the attic. Subsequently completing the inspection of the attic, we will switch to the exterior inspection of the home. Utilizing ladders, our inspectors will get up on the roofing system; if it is safe to do so.  If the roof is too steep, too tall to reach using our ladders, or deemed too treacherous by the inspector to access we will use alternative methods to get photos of the entire roofing system which the inspector will thoroughly review.  During this portion of the inspection we will be inspecting the condition of the roof coverings, checking for proper installation and estimated age of these coverings, as well as inspecting the condition of the gutters, chimneys, and any vents or additional systems that may be located on the roof. 

After we have completed inspecting the roof systems, we will enter the crawlspace, if one exists, and inspect the structure of the home, major systems located in the space and overall condition of the foundation of the home.

Once we have completed all these tasks, we contact our clients to come to the property for review. Our inspection reports are generated as we perform the inspection by taking photos, adding descriptions and recommendations regarding issues found on the property.  Finally, we will review the report with our clients and go over any questions or concerns they may have regarding the property.

Christion House provides professional home inspection services for:

Woodford, Scott, Bourbon, Montgomery, Clark, Jessamine, and Fayette Counties.

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