Looking For Summer Renovation Projects? Here’s 5 Tips To Consider

August is upon us, as hard as that is to believe. The COVID-19 pandemic has sent us through an exhausting whirlwind, giving us little time to acknowledge how fast the summer was going by. However, we do still have another whole month to hold onto. Since the real estate market is doing well and seller success stories are popping up left and right, despite social distancing and closings, this month could be a good time to tackle some home renovation projects if you plan on selling sometime soon. The way that people are buying houses is different, and these renovation ideas can really boost the overall appeal of your home. 

Set Up a Home Office

In March, when a majority of the country shut down, many people began working from home. According to a quarter two survey on top real estate agent insights, many buyers nowadays are on the lookout for homes that will provide additional space to set up a home office. As a homeowner, you can designate a specific room in the house to serve as an office space. Make sure that there are plenty of electrical outlets as well as internet/cable hookups so that someone can easily set up their workstation. For staging purposes, if you do end up selling, you can add a desk and chair as well as some other storage options. 

Upgrade the Kitchen

One room in everyone’s homes that have likely seen an uptick in usage is the kitchen. With bars and restaurants being shut down left and right, and people being asked to stay home, it makes sense that people are getting more use from their kitchens. Remodeling your kitchen and adding in new appliances can make your house stand out to buyers during COVID-19, according to top agent insights. Some ideas include installing better storage, upgrading the fridge, putting in a farmhouse sink, or adding in an island. These upgrades can make a kitchen more welcoming and easy to prepare meals in!

Add a Patio or Deck

One issue that a lot of people experienced while stay at home orders were still in place was not having a private area to enjoy the outdoors. People in smaller apartments, condos, and townhouses were essentially stuck inside, while those who had yards and porches were able to enjoy some spring and summer days outdoors. That’s why a private outdoor space is at the top of the list of many buyers in the country. If you have a backyard, upgrade it with a new stone patio or wooden deck where people can relax outside without having to worry about coming too close to other people.


An additional idea would also be to install a fence surrounding the yard. Fences provide some extra privacy, especially from any nosy neighbors who are also stuck at home. A nice wooden one surrounded by shrubs and plants will also add an aesthetic appeal to the home as well!


There are a lot of remodeling projects that can help boost the value of your home during the pandemic. Adding an office, updating your kitchen, and upgrading the outdoor space are just a few ways in which you can make your home stand out. For additional ideas and help with selling your home, reach out to the New Home Collective, today!


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