On this episode of the Savant Show, DJ Quarles and Nik Markovich talk about how he became a top agent on the New Home Collective and how he started his business, 5 Star Renovations.

DJ: What’s up everybody, it’s DJ Quarles, with The New Home Collective. I told you we had something special coming for you all.  We’re here, downtown Lexington. Today I have Nik Markovich with me. Now Nik is one of the top real estate agents and investors on the New Home Collective. Follow us inside Victoria’s Square for more.

Nik: Hi my name is Nik Markovich, I’m with the New Home Collective. 27 years old, moved to the United States from the Ukraine in 93. Lived in Seattle for about 11 years, and then moved to Kentucky about 2005. Got into real estate in 2016, started a renovation company after that and started investments properties after that as well, and continued on with dream until now.

DJ: Alright Nik, so tell us a little about yourself and your journey. How did you get into real estate?

Nik: Alright so the way I got into real estate, honestly, I was in nursing school at first. You know every parent want you to get into, well at least Ukrainian parents, want you to get into the medical field of some sort.

DJ: Going for the big bucks.

Nik: Yeah, going for the big bucks. The journey started, my dad has a dealership and bodyshop, and I sold a truck to one of the higher agents in the Nicholasville area, and he said, “you know you’re pretty good at sales” and I was like “I guess I am” and he said “If nursing doesn’t pan out come and join me” and that’s where it led me. You know I got into nursing, didn’t pan out, got into real estate after that, and that’s how my journey started when it came to real estate

DJ: What were some of the major challenges you ran into when you first got your license?

Nik: Major challenges were being afraid to get told no over and over again, and that was the hardest part was to pick up the phone and actually calling or even coming up to the door and knocking on it and saying “hey, this is what I do” being able to help them, because I did’t know how to face objections. Objections were a big part, they they throw an objection my way, if you really don’t know what you’re doing it stops you short. You know as soon as you get the first objections thrown your way you don’t know what to do. You take that first “no” and you walk away and never come back. And that was my biggest thing, was not being able to take “no”, taking no and that was it.

DJ: No being not yet or not now.

Nik: Exactly.

DJ: What have you learned since joining the team? How has it benefited you and your business?

Nik: Well it’s been quite a bit. When it came to the real estate side of it, it’s doubled.

DJ: Doubled?

Nik: Doubled my business.

DJ: Wow. Why would you say that is?

Nik: Because of the systems. You know having the systems and having the team. I think the atmosphere. The support and all, being able to come in and knowing if you want to succeed you need to be here at this time. Give me at least 30 minutes of your time so we can go over this thing, go over the scripts, go over the systems, make sure you start your day out right, and then the way you proceed is all on you.

DJ: So you also have a renovation company as well, right?  5 Star Renovations?

Nik: Yes, 5 Star Renovations.

DJ: How did that come about?

Nik: So, I established that a year after I got into real estate. So my first year I dealt with a lot of investors, and dealing with these investors I was going above and beyond getting them contractors, getting them subs for the projects and so on. So I finally decided why am I  giving out this work? Especially where I know what I’m doing and I have that background. So that’s when I established my company, worked the long hours. Man my first year was just me and I did have a few subs, but it was from 6 am until 12. Grinding. And having to do both, it kind of was either one or the other, and then when I finally got into where, you know my systems when it came to the renovation side, that was a lot easier for me to pick up then the systems of real estate, and that’s when it finally started to fall into place.

DJ: So I mean Nik, wrapping it up here. If you have one piece of advice to someone who is looking to get into real estate, someone who is looking to become an agent, someone that is looking to start looking into investing, someone that wants to start there own renovation company, what piece of advice would you give them?

Nik: Research. You know before you jump into it and start taking advice from mom & pop, you know everyone on the corner, left, right, you know real estate is about this, you know real estate is about driving fancy cars, having all this free time.

DJ: The end result.

Nik: Yeah, the end result. You know actually see where the path is, find out where the best fit is for you, and take it. You know don’t just go off the first thing someone says. You know the first gold mine, oh theres gold in those mountains, so you actually run off over there, actually do the research. Find out exactly where it is you’re meant to be, and join. Join the right, I wouldn’t even say team, join the right place that will give you the support.

DJ: So finding a mentor, surrounding yourself with people that are successful at it. Give you those tips that they’ve experienced.

Nik: Like I’ve heard, you know don’t step over the dollar sign to get to the pennies. You know where you’re trying to stave here to get the few dollars there, actually know what to invest in and where to put your money and time into to be able to succeed at the end result.

DJ: Thanks everyone for tuning in, and again Nik I appreciate you.

Nik: I appreciate you man.

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