On this episode of the Savant Show, Clay Wilson takes DJ into his domain, The Cue Club, a local pool lounge and talks about the benefits and importance of joining a real estate team and finding a mentor.

DJ: What’s up everybody, it’s DJ Quarles, the Real Estate Savant back again. Today we’re located at Lexington’s finest billiards & sports bar, The Cue Club, located off of Nicholasville Road on Moore Drive. I have special guest with me today, a Savant in himself, some would even call him a pool shark, Clay Wilson.

Clay: Howdy howdy.

DJ: Howdy howdy. So, Clay, what are we getting out of today?

Clay: We’re going to play some pool, have some fun, & talk some real estate.

DJ: You going to teach me some lingo, right?

Clay: We’ll see what happens

DJ: Or are you going to embarrass me?

Clay: Probably

DJ: So Clay, why are we here?

Clay: Man, this is what I grew up doing, it’s what I love to do. I’ve been in the pool industry my entire life. This is my game.

DJ: This is your game. So what led you to the Real Estate game?

Clay: Man, to be honest, I’ve been in sales my entire life. It’s what I’m comfortable with, it’s what I enjoy doing. I wanted to expand my horizon, and Real Estate sounded fun to me. It’s an everchanging industry. That’s what I like, I like keeping up with the fun stuff.

DJ: So Clay, how long have you been having fun with Real Estate?

Clay: You know, May will be three years for me. Just started out as a part time agent, just trying to get my hands a little dirty in it, and now that I have fun with it I decided to jump into it full time. Since i’ve jumped in full time I’ve had nothing but fun since.

DJ: Yeah, so it started getting fun when you jumped in full time?

Clay: Oh absolutely. When I was a part time agent it was nothing but headaches. Trying to deal with a full time job and being an agent doing the right thing for your clients. You know since I’ve been full time agent and working on the team i’m working on, it’s been nothing but fantastic since then.

DJ: I love that. What would you say is the biggest difference from when you first started out in Real Estate to now?

Clay: The number one thing is knowing more about how to just talk to people and my confidence level, honestly.

DJ: Where’d you get that from?

Clay: The team, honestly. I mean having the support of everybody around me. To help me get through the tough situations, to help me talk to people better, get people’s attention better. It’s all about teaching. The team has taught me more, than the entire time before that.

DJ: So someone who is just now getting started into Real Estate, or someone who is just thinking about getting into real estate. What advice would you give them?

Clay: Honestly, looking back that’s an easy question. It’s to find someone to help you through the tough times. Real Estate is different than any other business I’ve been in. I’ve done retail, I’ve done sales, I’ve done all that kind of stuff and its unlike any other. It’s really hard to teach yourself. So find a mentor, find a team, find somebody you can look up to ask those tough questions.

DJ: So it’s not necessarily joining a team, just finding someone who knows what they are doing.

Clay: Absolutely. It’s finding that person that is willing to help you and get you through your tough time. You’re going to learn. The thing I was told first and foremost was that every transaction is different. Doesn’t matter if you do 1 or 1000 they are all different

DJ: I agree

Clay: I’ve learned that more now than I ever have

DJ: I mean everyone wants to get into Real Estate to make money and it’s a place where you can lose money too.

Clay: Oh absolutely, absolutely.

DJ: Well in case anyone cares Clay edged me out 2-1. Clay, thank you for being on the show and not embarrassing me. Is there anything you want to say?

Clay: I just first of all want to thank the Cue Club for letting us come out today, it’s been absolutely fantastic. Thank you all for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you know anyone looking to buy or sell Real Estate let us know.

DJ: Or pool tables, right?

Clay: I can help with that too. I still got plenty of people I know.

DJ: Alright everyone. Thanks again for tuning into the Savant Show. & see you next week!

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