On this episode DJ spends some time with a true savant and one of the TOP minds in the real estate industry, Bob Sophiea. Bob’s real estate team, The New Home Collective, sells over 200 transactions for over $40 million in real estate EVERY YEAR. This is a conversation that you don’t want to miss. Join DJ Quarles, The Real Estate Savant as these two talk real estate and so much more.

“With that new program that we’ve been putting together, Above the Line, I’ve found if I would have had that information when I started I would be on another planet by now.”

– Bob Sophiea

DJ: What’s up everybody it’s DJ Quarles back again I’m here at a hidden gem of Lexington Eppings’s on Eastside, and I have a true gem to my left, Bob Sophiea. Just a little background about how Bob and I met; I was waiting tables at a restaurant. Bob placed a to go order, things weren’t going quite the way that he wanted them to go, so I stepped in.

Bob: Well I called the order in 45 minutes before, and now we’re sitting on 30 minutes of me being in the restaurant, so I just want to throw that in there

DJ: That’s okay. So I go to Bob & talk to him, at the end of the conversation, he has his food, so he’s happy now. He asked me have I ever thought about getting into real estate, and long story short that was two years ago. This year we’re on pace to help over 200 families with one of the biggest financial decisions that I’ll ever make buying and selling a home totally over 40 million dollars in real estate. So Bob you’ve only lived in Lexington, KY for eight years, what would you say is one of the biggest factors in you becoming one of the top agents in the area in such a short time?

Bob: I would say that I don’t quit. I don’t quit. I mean there’s so much more, there’s so much more that I want to do. I’m just not gonna stop.

DJ: So for someone who’s just getting started in real estate, what advice would you give to them?

Bob: Well it’s funny you ask that question, because through the failures that I’ve had, I mean you’re asking the question I feel like it’s kind of  front-loaded, but with that new program that we’ve been putting together, Above the Line, I’ve found if I would have had that information when I started I would be on another planet by now.

DJ: Above the Line above is something that we were just branched on. You know we were teaching the class.

Bob: They asked us to come and teach about for sale by owners and lead generation, and that’s something we’ve stayed really focused on. I mean that’s  the thing that we focus on the most in the business. So yeah we’ve kind of we’ve broke that whole system down simplified it, and we share with any new agents. I mean you don’t have to work with Keller Williams or work with us for us to share that with you.

DJ: And it’s not just new agents – I mean you can have 20 years of experience and just start hitting the numbers that you want, and you just need that one piece that you’re missing and we identify all of those pieces so that you can walk away feeling like, well Above the Line. So when you got your license you got into real estate, did you have a mentor or an advisor? Someone telling you this is what’s gonna lead you to success and this is what’s not gonna get you to success?

Bob: Yeah, Google. Google. I mean I’m a sponge, I’m a sponge for information. So to say it’s one person, I know when I meet someone, if like I can tell that they have something to offer or they have some knowledge that I don’t have. I mean I’m a sponge for knowledge.

DJ: How many books do you read a month?

Bob: I mean I’ve always got at least three going at once, but uh I was looking at my stats in audible the other day. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at your stats.

DJ: I check my stats frequently.

Bob: Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

DJ: So it sounds like, you know typically, you see when someone reaches a certain level of success, they feel like they know everything. It sounds like you’re the complete opposite, and you feel like there’s something that you can learn in every situation. Would you say that’s true?

Bob: I would say man, you hit on something that’s like one of the secrets that I have is that like even when I know something I’m gonna validate it with someone that knows more, so an example would be someone asked me a question about taxes, property taxes, well you know we’re gonna close 200 transactions this year. I don’t talk about taxes all the time, but I still have people in my circle that know more about taxes than I do.

DJ: So before I answer the questions, I say hold on give me a second I’m gonna call somebody I’ll call you right back. I validate the answer before I give it to someone else. So everyone knows Bob Sophiea, the real estate agent. Where do you go to disconnect? How do you disconnect? Where’s your happy place?

Bob: Here in Lexington?

DJ: Where’s your happy place in Lexington?

Bob: I go to the Burl Arcade and play pinball. I mean you could probably find me there maybe three or four nights a week.

DJ: Okay, so a pinball pimp. When you get out of Lexington, where’s your happy place?

Bob: Marco Island. Marco Island, Florida. I’m floating in water with a corona and a publix sub.

DJ: I love it I love it. Do you like to go by yourself? Or you take everyone with you when you go?

Bob: Anyone’s welcome.

DJ: 200 transactions this year, 40 million in real estate, and you say that your way away from your goal. So ultimately what is your goal? What’s your a big picture?

Bob: It has to do with helping more people, and it has to be do with becoming a better leader, and right now the line I’m drawing in the sand has to do with my health. It has to do with my fitness, it has to do with my habits, and I’m ready to be challenged.

DJ: Bob, again thank you! We appreciate you for being on The Savant Show is there anything that you want to share before you go?

Bob: No, thanks for having me. Well I guess I mean if you know anyone that wants to buy, sell, or invest in real estate give us a call (859)721-2200.

DJ: There you go. There it is. Thanks again, see you next week guys. Tune in!

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