When is the BEST Time to Sell your Home?

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Majority of homeowners hesitate to list their home during the Holiday Season, Halloween through New Year’s Day, assuming the market is off-peak for sales. The thought that homes do not sell throughout these months originated from outdated trends.

Pulling numbers from LBAR, an average of all agents in the association, we’ve come to the realization that the thought of your home not being able to sell through November and December is incorrect.

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When comparing data from MLS, new listings and pending sales each month, it is apparent that November and December have higher percentages. This shows that there are more buyers for that month compared to the number of homes coming onto the market than any other timeframe for the year. With more buyers in the market and less people listing their homes, there is the advantage of having less competition for your home to sell.

Although the numbers show there are more buyers than homes being listed, days on market and list of sale price become slightly affected. The average days on the market goes up about 10 days. The average list to sell price drops by just under 1 percent. However, these are numbers that can be increased if you hire the right realtor to sell your home.

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In conclusion, each time of the year has its own pros and cons. The historic trend of November and December being an off-peak market is not correct. Hiring the right agent to sell your home is always the most important decision no matter what time of year it is.

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