The Emotional Side of Selling a Home

Selling your home is not an easy decision. In fact, for the most stressful experiences in a person’s life, research has ranked the sale of a home second to relationship breakups. The same study stated Americans are more stressed about selling their home than planning their wedding, losing their job, or even becoming a parent.

In other words, having powerful feelings are completely normal during the process. The good news? While the experience may feel overwhelming and cause doubts, it does not need to interfere with a successful home sale, and there is always a bright side to it. Below are three homeowners that shared their stories to prove it.

Story: Last Minute Memories

Once sellers see their home empty and ready for the next owner, suddenly nostalgia seems to strike like a ton of bricks. When caught in the chaos of moving your mind can only remain busy for so long before you realize what is being left behind. Oftentimes the end of the process is when sellers feel the rush. That’s exactly what happened to Erin, author of The Sunny Side Up Blog. She stated, “I walked around room to room. I could see my baby girls running around in dress-ups. I could see our evening routine – giving them a bath and putting them in matching PJs. I could see so many sweet moments between my kids and how fast they grew right in front of my eyes in that house.”


“It’s not hard to say good-bye to a house. It’s hard to say good-bye to special memories and to the end of an era. A really happy era that I will tuck away and treasure in my heart forever.”


The Bright Side ☀️

“We feel so blessed to be in our new home, we are definitely going through a bit of a transition. I know it will just take time. I also know that someday, much sooner than I can imagine, I will be walking through the rooms of our new house feeling the exact same way.”

Story: An Empty-Nester’s Adult Kid Confronts The End of An Era

The story of Alene Bouranova, how she handled the sale of a family home, stands out from The Atlantic. Bouranova grew up in Kirkland, Washington. She was at school in Boston, Massachusetts when she received the news that her parents had sold the home she was raised in.


“I started crying in the dining hall, just crying all over my plate of pasta,” Bouranova says. “I was not pleased at all. That was my home.”


The Bright Side ☀️

Although Bouranova was initially emotional about the sale of her childhood home, she came to terms with the decision and understood the reason for her parent’s decision.

“It’s my parents, and as sad as I was originally, it’s their lives and they can do what they want,” Bouranova says. “I just want them to be happy.”

Story: Moments Of Doubt

Nancy Perkins, a realtor who has guided many clients through the home-selling process, was surprised by how emotional she became when selling her family’s home of 19 years. In an essay for The Alexandria Times, she wrote how she and her husband began to doubt themselves throughout the process after realizing the attachment they had not just to the home itself but to the neighbors and neighborhood.

“We started to doubt ourselves. Why did we need to make any changes when this house worked well for us? While we were ready for a new house, we were attached to our home, to our garden and to our neighbors.”

The Bright Side ☀️

“Like many of my clients, these thoughts kept me up at night. My fears were alleviated, however, with multiple offers, happy buyers and a quick sale, thanks to smart renovations, good staging and fair pricing.”

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt you won’t ever forget the memories you have made in your home, but looking forward to new memories you’ll create in the future and getting excited for what’s to come can ease your mind.

Whether you’ve lived there a couple years or many decades, selling your home can arouse many deep emotional responses.

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