Stress-Reducing Tips for Buying or Selling a Home

stress-reducing tips for buying or selling a home

If you’re buying or selling a home, you might find that it can be one of the most stressful processes to go through! It can be hard to manage it all without some stress-reducing tips, especially with all the extra on your plate. Coordinating utilities, understanding contracts, packing and worrying abut moving dates, all on top of your normal day-to-day responsibilities can really add up. And that’s just the stress once you’re under contract!

For buyers, the phase of searching for their perfect home online and in person can take valuable time away from work and family. Sellers often have to live in their homes differently than they are used to to keep it “show-ready.” Not to mention, sellers are constantly adjusting their schedules to accommodate showings. Both buyers and sellers could use some stress-reducing tips for buying or selling a home!

Stress-Reducing Tips for Buying or Selling a Home

Read on for a few tips so you can avoid stress throughout the real estate transaction, whether you’re a seller or a buyer.

How Home Buyers can Reduce Stress

Planning to buy a new home? Here are a few stress-reducing tips that could keep bigger stress away from you:

  1. Make a checklist of your priorities for a home, such as the perfect location, number of bedrooms you need (and any office space), size of the home, and type of property. If you need a yard, require a garage, or need to be close to public transportation, those are important points to have in mind.
  2. Unless you’re purchasing your new home with cash, get pre-approved for a mortgage loan even before you start your search. This will allow you to know your the price range you can afford a home in. Working with the lender ahead of time will also help prevent surprises during the buying process. In addition, having paperwork filled out ahead of time will have you ready to go once you’ve found your dream home.
  3. Find a reliable Realtor and work with them to find a property. This allows you have somebody who has proficient expertise and updates about the local real estate market do searching for you, saving you valuable time. Moreover, Realtors also provide guidance through the buying process, negotiate on your behalf to represent your best interest in the home, and are with you through closing and beyond.
  4. Start exploring your new neighborhood early. Not only can this be a fun break from your daily routine, but it will get you a head start. Your Realtor can recommend places to check out and businesses that offer services to help you settle into your new home! Find restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and more where you might frequent. Pay attention to necessities like banks, grocery stores, or gas stations. Knowing where things are ahead of time will make days after your move-in much less stressful.
  5. Prepare for the move early. Start packing up non-essentials and out of season items ahead of time. As soon as you’ve confirmed your moving date, book the truck or company. Ask for help from family and friends in return for pizza and snacks!

How Home Sellers can Reduce Stress

These are the essential stress-reducing tips to consider in selling a property, so you can lift some of that burden off your shoulders:

  1. Begin by finding a reliable Realtor that can guide you in preparing your entire home. They could tell you the best assets that could attract buyers and avoid those that could push buyers away.
  2. Prepare for any major and minor renovations, which can include things from washing walls and repainting to a new roof. However, be sure to listen to your Realtor, so you can add up the things that are pleasing for current buyers in the market. Some updates or repairs that you might have been planning to make may have no return on investment. In other words, may not get you your money’s worth!
  3. Keep an extra budget as you put your property on the market. This is for any requested repairs during the buyer’s home inspection, just in case. This way, if a buyer requests for specific repairs, you can have money to grab. Many experts suggest preparing at least $2,500 for it for the standard home. Your Realtor can advise you based on your area and your home’s condition.
  4. Don’t rush any negotiations, especially when multiple buyers are interested with your property. Be open to your Realtor’s advice and discuss your choices. Don’t take too long that the buyers rescind their offers and move on to some other properties.
  5. Ask your Realtor for recommendations! When it comes to local companies for help, they’ll have a network of contractors and companies that provide good service. From movers, cleaning companies, repairmen, and more, allow your Realtor’s knowledge help in taking some of the tasks off your plate.
  6. If you’re selling your property to move to a new home, prepare for the move like how buyers do! This is another tedious process that involves your entire family; prepare for it as the selling process is happening. Ask for help where you need it!

Remember these stress-reducing tips so you can buy or sell a home without unnecessary hassles and stress. Although it’s undeniably an emotional and tough process, these tips can help!

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Written by the NHC Team of Lexington, Kentucky

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