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Everyone is involved in the same profession: sales. Yes, I said it. Agree with it or not, whatever profession you are in, your job is to sell. From dentists, to surgeons, to personal trainers, your job is to sell others as to why you are the right one for the job. I’m sure one thing that we can agree on, whatever field we are in, is that referrals are a great source of new business and they make everyone’s job a lot easier.


I recently interviewed two clients who chose myself and the New Home Collective to represent them with their real estate needs. Below is the brief Q & A from a client who was represented on the sale and buy side of a transaction:


Q: “How did you hear about the New Home Collective?”

A: “We did our research online and saw the numbers, along with sales history in our area. Your internet presence stood out.”


Q: “How would you rate your experience with the New Home Collective, on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the highest?”

A: “10, no doubt. And to be honest with you, it was your fault.”


Q: “In your opinion, what were some of the components of working with the New Home Collective that influenced the level of your experience?”

A: “The communication was really good. Whether it be you, Bob, or Brooke, someone was always available to answer our questions. We were happy with the negotiations as well.”


Q: “Would you recommend that someone work with the New Home Collective to handle any real estate needs that they have?”

A: “Yes, every time. I already have attempted to send some people your way when they are ready.”


The next Q & A is with a seller who I was fortunate enough to represent in selling their home after it had been on the market for months with another agent.


Q: “How long was your home on the market before you signed with  me to take over the job?”

A: “Well, we had it on the market in 2014, 2017, and again from 17-18. We had just started to think that we would just stay here for good.”


Q: “What do you think kept your home from selling?”

A: “I think, in our previous experience, they put a sign in the yard, and placed it on the internet. We know that our home isn’t for everyone, but we still expected it to sell.”


Q: “What does it do for you, now that it did sell?”

A: “We are both retired, so it allows us to move onto our next chapter. We will be finally moving out of state!”


Q: “On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. How would you rate your experience of working with the New Home Collective.”

A: “Pretty close to a 10. It got really stressful at the end, but talking with you and Brooke always kept us optimistic.”


Q: “Would you recommend that someone else work with the New Home Collective to handle any real estate needs that they might have?”

A: “Without hesitation.”



We appreciate every one of our clients for allowing us to help them achieve their goals. These are two of the many who have went with the New Home Collective to accomplish their real estate needs.


If YOU know of someone who needs help,

whether it be purchasing their first home…

selling a home even when they have lost hope…

selling and buying another…

someone who is handling the stress of selling on their own…

or even someone who might just have some questions…

have them call US! 859-721-2127 OR visit


We have good relationships with several different professions nationwide. We are here to get you whatever it is you want out of a real estate transaction, in the least amount of time!



Written by: DJ Quarles – New Home Collective – Keller Williams Greater Lexington           270-847-2569  




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