Must-Knows for your Move to LEXvegas!

Lexington, Kentucky – known world-wide for Horses and Basketball…but if you’re planning to relocate here, let me fill you in on some local cool-ness that you’ll definitely want to be a part of!




Yes, there’s bourbon…but there’s also a lively beer and cider scene here!

Something out-of-towners don’t realize is that Lexington has a growing distillery district. Right in the heart of the city,  you can find a wide variety of craft beers surrounded by a hip atmosphere and (usually) live local music! Check out these must-visit hot spots:


Ethereal Brewing

Middle Fork


James Pepper

Mirror Twin

Country Boy Brewing

Pivot Brewing

West Sixth

Lexington Beerworks



Yes, that’s peanut butter you smell. Not all day every day, but once in a while you will catch that sweet aroma wafting through the air from the J.M. Smucker plant!





Lexington has some wonderful opportunities for fun-filled evenings at any age! FREE of cost! Check out these happenin places when you’re looking for a low-key evening to explore!

Thursday Night Live (CLICK!)

Join thousands of locals for some live music, vendors, beers, and more!


Jazz in the Park (CLICK)

Lexington’s longest running concert series, beloved by all, and well attended each week!


Free Friday Flicks (CLICK)

The only place to enjoy recently released movies in the park! For free!


For more things to do check out this calendar: TOPS in LEX




BEER CHEESE! It’s a thing…

AND, it’s actually CELEBRATED around here. Head down the road to Winchester, and sample the famous flavors of  many different beer cheese companies in Kentucky! ALL at the Beer Cheese Festival in Winchester!





SOON to be a GIGABIT city!

Thanks to a mayoral initiative, Lexington will soon be the largest city in the nation with fiber-optic gigabit internet access available to all!




Enjoy a day at the races! In Lexington, you’ll see and hear about horse racing like it’s air…but there really is nothing like the atmosphere and RUSH you get from a fast pace horse race! You’ll love the attire, food, classy drinks, and betting coupled with classic southern tailgating that a day at Keeneland supplies!

CLICK HERE→and check out Keeneland’s calendar!




Breathtaking nature is right in our backyard, and just down the road! You HAVE to visit the Red River Gorge, and often!

With hiking, and scenic views galore, the Red River Gorge is known world wide for it’s rock climbing, forestry, and pizza…that’s right-PIZZA!

Plan your hikes and a trip to unforgettable pizza by clicking


and HERE for Miguels!



You can’t get lost in Lexington!

Well…that might be an overstatement, BUT New Circle Rd. circles the entire city, so getting from one place to another doesn’t have to be complicated!




Basketball is actually worth the attention it gets around here…

visit even just one game at Rupp Arena and you’ll see what I mean!






Lexington, really is a great place to be! It’s growing each day and there’s something here for everyone!

Want to see even MORE to do here?

Visit :

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