KY Waterfalls before FALL 2018!

FALL is upon us ALREADY!

So, before the leaves change, plan a trip to these 7 glorious waterfalls around Kentucky!


Cumberland Falls

“Niagra of the South” is 68 feet tall and 125 feet wide. Surrounded by luxurious lodging and family friendly hiking trails!

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Broke Leg Falls

This 60 foot ribbon drop, falls into a grotto pool that is easily accessable from the nearby parking area. The hike is easy and there is a picnic area to enjoy while you visit!

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Eagle Falls

At 44 feet tall, this waterfall is tucked inside an intimate rock cove. The hike is just as beautiful as the waterfall itself!

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Flat Lick Falls

Located in Jackson county, this 30 foot perennial is a beautiful attractions that offers a thrilling jump opportunity from the top! Take a swim, pack a lunch to enjoy at the picnic area, and come hang out on this short trail for the day!

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76 Falls

A 90 foot tall specticle with 76 breaks (small falls) inside of it. With a scenic picnic area nearby, this swimming area is fun for everyone!

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Tioga Falls

North of Fort Knox, this 130 foot scenic waterfall is truly a fairy tail right in our Kentucky backyard! You will certainly enjoy all the sights this beautiful piece of nature has to offer!

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Dog Slaughter Falls

A 20 foot waterfall that flows into Dog Slaughter Creek, which connects to the Cumberland River. Enjoy a 2.9 mile hike that runs along the Sheltowee Trace!

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We would LOVE to hear about your waterfall adventures! Send us your pictures and comments!


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