Buyer & Seller Guide to Home Inspections

For both, buyers & sellers, the home inspection process can be daunting, however, there are a few guidelines & tips that can help minimize the stress allowing for an overall good experience for all parties involved.



As the buyer, it is your responsibility to choose an inspector that you feel is the best fit for the job, your realtor is also here to help! Although it is okay to get a recommendation on inspectors you’ll want to be sure to do your own research so that you are comfortable with your choice for the person that will be inspecting your potential future home. It is really important that you hire an inspector that is certified/licensed to do the Home Inspection. If you choose someone who is not licensed you take a risk of not being able to negotiate or request repairs. Without a licensed inspector, it would basically be for informational purposes ONLY.

in preperation for the schedualed inspection date:


*you will need to be available for at least the end of the inspection to meet with your inspector and review any findings. If for some reason you are unavailable you can send someone to act on your behalf or make other arrangments with your inspector in advance. Some inspectors will require you to be present, some will not.

*The cost of the inspection is typically based off of the following: Year of the home, square footage, & whether or not the home has a crawl space. Some inspectors will add an additional charge for drive time as well.

Be sure to discuss the costs up front with the inspector prior to the inspection date, they typically will require payment be made upfront.




* Remember that the inspection is not a honey-do list, the main things to look for are:

 –  Any Roof defects

– Plumbing concerns



It is the inspector’s job to find any HIDDEN defects or safety concerns.





Once the Inspection is completed:

You will review the inspection report and discuss with your realtor any repair requests or negotiations that may need to be made. Keep in mind you may only have a limited time to have the inspection done, and any requests submitted to the listing agent/sellers according to your specific terms in your contract.

Your realtor will assist you, every step of the way!





For sellers, the Home Inspection process can be overwhelming and a big question that often comes to mind for the sellers is: What will the inspector find? You have to remember that it is the inspector’s job to find defects that you may not have even known were present in your home, however normal wear and tear is expected. Here is what will stand out the MOST to the inspectors: Roofing defects, plumbing concerns, mold or mildew, & electrical concerns. If you know of a defect in regards to this list it may be beneficial to go ahead and make necessary repairs prior to the inspection. ALSO to be proactive as the seller, you may consider having a pre-listing home inspection done to help find any potential hidden defects prior to listing your home.

    Date of the inspection:

Typically you as the seller will want to make plans to not be present during the inspection, the inspection can take about 3-4 hours. The inspector will then meet with the potential buyers to review any findings. Once completed the buyer will discuss any requested repairs or negotiations with their agent to prepare the inspection agreement form. The terms in your specific contract will determine the allotted timeframe for when the agreement form will need to be submitted to you as the sellers.


Once both buyer and seller have come to an agreement you will move forward to the next phase of the transaction.




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Happy buying & selling!!



WRITTEN BY: BROOKE STADTFELD, Transaction Coordinator, New Home Collective-Keller Williams Greater Lexington  /  859-721-2116







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