Lexington Burger Week 2018

The Kentucky Beef Counsel Presents:


JULY 9th-15th 2018

What is “Burger Week” you ask?

Brace yourself…restaurants and chefs all over Lexington, prepare a one-of-a-kind specialty burger that is NOT on their menu for this fun-filled week of $5 burgers.

That’s right, you heard me, $5!

People all over will travel from place to place all week long, tasting burgers of different flavors and styles, all at an affordable price!

Last year, over 110,000 burgers were consumed by customers participating in burger week! Wow!

So, here are the 7 Commandments of Burger Week:

  1. They WILL run out. (They’ll make more tomorrow)

With SUCH a high demand for these unique burgers, restaurants may run out or reach a limit each day, so be patient, and come back tomorrow! (earlier if possible)

2. There WILL be waits! Restaurants will be slammed, so don’t be surprised if you’re waiting a bit, be surprised if you’re NOT!

3. You WILL tip and give thanks!

Burger week brings out the cheap in ALL of us! Who can blame us? We’re greedy, burger-lovin folks who wanna save every penny we can! But don’t forget that the staff at these establishments are working very hard to please! So leave a generous tip!

4. You REALLY should buy a drink and other food!

Don’t skimp out and just getting your $5 burger and a water, order some sides, a coke, or cocktail to go with your steal of a deal!

5. Check social media!

Keep up with announcements, wait times, run-outs, and so forth! And make sure to check in at your favorite burger week spots!

6. Sharing is caring!

Post pics, tag establishments, leave reviews, etc. These restaurants LOVE to see your burger week experiences! #LexBurgerWeek

7. Travel with your Burger Week passport and WIN!

Pick up your burger week passport and play to win prizes! Three or more unique burger week stamps earn you a chance win some awesome stuff!

For a complete Lexington Burger Week line-up click here→BURGERS!

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