Andover Golf Course Purchase

Dear Andover Members:

Thank you again to everyone who was able to attend Wednesday evening’s meeting. We had about 600 people attend from the various associations, and the presentation and discussion was respectful and courteous. The Powerpoint presentation and the video from the presentation are available HERE

For those of you who were not able to attend or want to watch and review, please feel free to do so.

For your convenience, attached is the Notice, Settlement/Purchase Framework (we corrected a typo) and the Proposed Amendment (in one PDF) and the Proxy Ballot (in the second). These were available at the meeting, have been mailed to each Association Member, and are being hand delivered to each residential address in the neighborhood, and will be posted on the website as well. The special meeting at which the ballots/proxies will be counted is Wednesday, June 19th at 6:30pm at Crossroads.

We need a MAJORITY of the members present at the special meeting to vote to APPROVE this. As a result, your vote is CRITICAL to ensuring that we protect our homes, property values, and future by purchasing the golf course property as proposed in the framework. While you can vote in person by ballot at the special meeting on June 19th, we are asking each of you to PLEASE submit your Proxy Ballot IN ADVANCE of that meeting. We cannot stress the importance of having enough proxies before that meeting to avoid losing this purchase and settlement opportunity.

Proxies can be dropped off or mailed to All Points or Billings Law Firm as indicated on the Proxy. If you leave the proxy blank, the Association President is required to cast your vote AS YOU DIRECT in the proxy. If you want to give your proxy to someone other than the Association President, please fill in that person’s name and either give it to them to bring to the meeting.

We want to avoid going into that meeting and risking NOT having enough “APPROVE” votes, so, we ask each of you to RETURN YOUR COMPLETED PROXY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Several individuals have understandingly expressed concern about the future maintenance fees on the Common Property and Joint Common Property. The Board has been working on an amendment to the Bylaws that will give this protection. We will have more details on this next week. This situation and vote has generated significant social media and other discussion, and we want to thank everyone for the continued civil discourse.

Again, we thank everyone for each of your time and attention on this matter. Andover is a special neighborhood, and we believe this purchase opportunity will allow us eo avoid unwanted development and to protect our homes.

Board of Directors, Andover Forest HOA


Click here for voting forms!!!

AFHOA – Combined Notice, Framework, and Designated Alternate

AFHOA – Designated Alternate Ballot

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