Top 25 Places to Live in America

Each year articles flood the media telling us all about the top places to live in America, along with breathtaking photos of these cities and their attractions. For many, seeing all these places have to offer adds some length onto the bucket list of locations we would all love to visit! OR maybe inspire us to make a change and relocate! Check out this year’s list and click to see some of the amazing things to do at each spot!



25. Boston, MA

Take me to→Boston!


24. Asheville, NC

Take me to→Asheville!


23. Boise, ID

Take me to→Boise!


22. Charlotte, NC

Take me to→Charlotte!


21. Lexington, KY

Take me to→Lexington!


20. San Francisco, CA

Take me to→San Francisco!


19. Phoenix, AZ

Take me to→Phoenix!


18. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Take me to→Dallas-Fort Worth!


17. San Jose, CA

Take me to→San Jose!


16. Madison, WI

Take me to→Madison!


15. Salt Lake City, UT

Take me to→Salt Lake City!


14. San Antonio, TX

Take me to→San Antonio!


13. Raleigh, NC

Take me to→Raleigh!


12. Grand Rapids, MI

Take me to→Grand Rapids!


11. Nashville, TN

Take me to→Nashville!


10. Seattle, WA

Take me to→Seattle!


9. Minneapolis, MN

Take me to→Minneapolis!


8. Washington, D.C.

Take me to→Washington!


7. Huntsville, AL

Take me to→Huntsville!


6. Portland, OR

Take me to→Portland!


5. Fayetteville, AR, AR

Take me to→Fayetteville!


4. Des Moines, IA

Take me to→Des Moines!


3. Denver, CO

Take me to→Denver!


2. Colorado Springs, CO

Take me to→Colorado Springs!


  1. Austin, TX

Take me to→Austin!

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