Drama-Free Real Estate

Minimize your home-selling stress by following these 5 suggestions to stay DRAMA-FREE during your real estate experience!

1.GET and STAY CLEAR on the reasons you are buying/selling.

Share with your agent what your “WHY” is so that you can both focus on your goals, and don’t take your eyes off of it! Moving is a big decision, and in the end, YOU want to be happy with your end result!

2. Price It Right!

The old saying goes; “pride, goeth before the fall” and this is true for pricing your home! Don’t be too proud to listen to what the market is saying about the value of your home, when a home is priced right, it is more likely to draw multiple offers than waiting around for the “right one” to come around! COMPS COMPS COMPS!

3. Can You say “SOCIAL MEDIA”?

There’s no denying it- Facebook IS the internet. In today’s day, 92% of home-buyers start there search on the internet, and guess where they are asking for tips on for-sales??? SOCIAL MEDIA! Make sure you and your agent have a marketing plan that gives your home plenty of exposure and online presence!

4. Differentiate Your Home from Others.

Try to focus on, and accentuate the features of your home that set it apart! Keep that item or area in PRIME showing condition so others will have to choice but to appreciate it the way you do!

5. Pick the Right Realtor!

You want someone who is aggressive enough to fight for you, but patient enough to listen and help you achieve your goals. And might we suggest OURSELVES, here at NHC as candidates for the job of helping you! We abide by the 3 W’s : WIN, WIN, or WALK! We want our partnerships to add value to both sides, and we’ll show you how that’s possible!





We look forward to exceeding your expectations!


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