The #1 Reason to SELL Your Home TODAY

One thing that we here at the New Home Collective hear on a daily basis is: “We’re going to wait until the Spring”.

The reasoning is that there are more buyers in the spring so houses sell faster and for more money.

This seems like a fair thing to say and that the point is valid. Even when looking into the history of real estate markets, it has been true. However, today’s market isn’t following the same rules as markets past.

“Foot traffic” is measured each month by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR). It collects this data by recording the number of properties shown by each agent over time (based on the number of Lockboxes used). This data reveals the number of prospective buyers actively searching for homes, not just those searching online.

The NAR says: “Foot traffic sharply increased in October and is 33.9 points higher than a year ago.” This means MORE buyers are out there searching; Even more than in the spring.

This graph shows that correlation from Spring to Fall/Winter buying activity:

As you can see, the Foot Traffic Report shows bright futures for winter sales and the “Sell in the Spring” myth is being busted this year.  This means that there are more buyers out right now than there has been for years! NOW is the time! Set An Appointment Now to take advantage

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