Pilot Knob, KY

This 730-foot-high knob is believed to be where Daniel Boone first looked out in 1769 onto three regions of Kentucky: the Bluegrass, the Cumberland Plateau, and the Knobs. The Pilot Knob overlook is summited by the Oscar Geralald Jr. Trail is 1.2 miles out or 2.4 miles total. If you are looking  for an extended hike and gorgeous views you can take an extra 2-mile jaunt on the Sage Point Trail.  Pilot Knob sits 1411 ft above sea level. Pilot Knob is a beautiful sanctuary to go for a quick getaway from busy life and a chance to reconnect with nature. The trails are well marked and the terrain is easy to navigate…although, it is rather steep in places. It is recommended to wear appropriate hiking boots or shoes. Of the countless trips I have made to Pilot


Knob all have been a breath of fresh air and an awakening to how beautiful our state truly is.

Have you been out to Pilot Knob? Post your pictures and tell us about your experience!

How to get there:

  • →If you’re driving towards Slade on the Mountain Parkway
  • →Take Exit 16 : Clay City/Irvine
  • →Turn right off of the exit
  • →Travel aprx. 2 miles
  • →Turn RIGHT onto Brush Creek Rd. (CR-1345)
  • →Continue to the end of the road.
  • →The trail head parking lot begins at the end of the drive!

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