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This morning, as we sat in our morning meeting, Bob reviewed a section from Grant Cardone’s 10X book with us called:

“31 Traits of Wildly Successful People”

If I’m being honest, I mostly tend to want to check out during these kind of talks because I’ve not really tied the word “SUCCESS” to my personal life before. I also don’t see myself as a “heavy hitter” in our office, and my eyes go to the faces of our company when a win floats around. I have always maintained the mindset that success is something you work to obtain in your career, or on a sports team (things that are competitive) but outside the office and at home life will just fall into place the way they are “suppose” to, or “meant” to…right?!


Success can TOTALLY be a thing- off the court, off the clock, and across the board that is: your life!

If you’re like me, and you’ve set goals for this year, whether they are career-oriented or not, I really recommend you click that link up there!

Something that I have committed my “work-self” to in 2018 is diving ALL the way in when it comes to problem-solving. Stop “trying,” and start “doing!” To find a solution beyond the first “try.” Which brings me to #’s 1,2, and 3 of the 31 Traits:

“1. Have a “Can Do” Attitude

People with a “can do” attitude approach every situation with the outlook that no matter what, it can be done. They consistently use phrases like “We can do it,” “Let’s make it happen,” “Let’s work it out” — and they always maintain that a solution exists. These people talk in terms of explanations and resolving issues and consistently communicate challenges with a positive outlook.”

“2. Believe That “I Will Figure It Out”

Even if you’re not sure how to do something, the best answer is “I will figure it out” — not “I don’t know.” You can admit that you’re unfamiliar with something — as long as you immediately follow that admission up with the promise that you will figure it out or find someone who will.”

“3. Focus on Opportunity

Successful people see all situations — even problems and complaints — as opportunities. Where others see difficulty, successful individuals know that problems solved equal new products, services, customers — and probably financial success. Remember: Success is overcoming a challenge. Therefore, you can’t succeed without some kind of difficulty.”

So after our meeting, I was really reflecting mentally, on the goals that I’ve set for myself for this new year, one of them being to make sure that I am PRESENT in my NOW. That wherever I am, I am ALL there, ESPECIALLY when I am at home. This means really honing some focus and making my time meaningful.

I did some clicking around and stumbled upon another section of Grant’s book, called “Two Rules to Have it all in 2018” and HOLY COW did this section really drive home all that I have been charting a course for while planning my 2018 goals! So, instead of sharing the “two rules” with you, I’d like to share some of the other moments from this section that are SO worth attention:

“How can you make time for everything in 2018, in business and relationships? If something is important to you then you must make time, not excuses. What if you could have it all this upcoming year? I’m talking about a prosperous career, a successful marriage, happy children, and health. You don’t have to pick and choose — you can have it all. You really can have your cake and eat it, otherwise, why have cake?”

“If you won’t be happy in 2018 it’ll be because of you, not your circumstances.”

“To have it all, as contradictory as it sounds, you must cut what isn’t needed.”

“Look to spend quality time where you are fully present — this beats quantity where you are half-present and half watching TV. Cut the things out of your life that aren’t necessary so you will have time for the kids and your spouse. ”

“You don’t want to be average in anything. Whether it is your professional career, family life, income, physical health, recreational life, etc., you want all of it to be great. ”

I hope some, if not all of this applies and motivates you to make a fresh start, kick ass, and achieve the life you want in 2018!

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