10 DIY’s to Give Your New home an Old Home Feel

Whether you’re house-hunting, just moved in, or looking for a fresh new look in your home (like me,) one thing is certain we ALL have on our mind:

I am an absolute fan of DIY, if there is a safe, tried, cost-efficient way to do it myself-then count me in! I also really love the old-time, cozy feel in my home, so if I’m still speaking your language, then these DIY suggestions might be right up your ally!

1. Add Crown Trim to Your Doors and

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1. Add Crown Trim to Your Doors and Windows


Now, I haven’t done this in my house (yet) but as soon as I started seeing it and ready the how-to’s I immediately fell in love! It is SUCH a simple upgrade that can really change the

look of a room. Essentially, all you are doing is purchasing the raw, size appropriate trim pieces and painting them to match!

If you plan to do an entire room, or your whole house to match, I suggest buying the huge (pre-painted) pieces at Lowes and either cutting them down to size yourself, or bringing in your measurements and having them cut for you FOR FREE!

For some STEP-BY-STEP instructions click→ HERE

2. Shop Thrift Stores or Salvage Markets for accent pieces


There’s seriously nothing I love more than an adorable accent piece that really POP’s or ties a room together!

Salvage markets were really a foreign concept to me, but once I stepped inside for the first time, I was hooked! You can achieve ANY style you’re going for with some really interesting AND vintage pieces if you hop over to these neat places. The price tags are ALWAYS sweeter, and instead of getting a cookie cutter item from your department store, you’re getting things that are likely “one-of-a-kind” or rare to see from home to home.

If you’re between Lexington and Mount Sterling, here are a couple of my fave stores:

3. Do RUGS instead of Carpet


Don’t get me wrong, I loved growing up with a carpeted-bedroom. It really is cozy, and keeps the rooms warmer (in my opinion.)

HOWEVER, after we moved into our home, I LOVED having hardwood in every room, and I learned that rugs can be your best friend!

If you have hard floors, Carpet wasn’t a traditional installation in older homes, and so in keeping with that inspiration, I encourage you to keep them and start adventuring in some amazing area rugs that can warm up the room, and add textures to the design of a room. (don’t forget to invest in some of the rubber rug holders that go on the bottom-the sheets, not the tape)

If you have carpet and still want to play with rugs, that’s okay too! It can add another dimension to your floor, and also tends to make the room look bigger!

Here are some links to a few of my favorites→

4. Patina!


This word may have not rang any bells until you looked at the picture!

This word may have not rang any bells until you looked at the picture!
A nice touch, and something that I have done a LOT of is touches of patina.

Anything that seems older. You can add some moss to terracotta pots, do some distressing to your furniture, or patina paint to older looking tins and such. I have absolutely no experience with the paint, but I have several items from family members that have been gifted to me, that make nice details around the house.

Click here to learn more about→ Patina Paint

5. Choose interesting Fixtures and Harware


Most homes have pretty standard looking hardware, if you’re blessed to own a historic home, then you probably already have some really cool timeless hardware and light fixtures that may only need some polish or cleaning. If you DON’T then check out some of these that I LOVE for inspiration:

6. Maximize the Impact of Wood Details


NOW, before you take one look at this picture and stop reading-WAIT!

I will be the first to say that this area of this home is well…lacking-BUT a large, but easy way to get that old-home feel is to leave and maximize the use of original hardwood and wood work in the home.

This color of wood, this amount, in this tiny area of this house is a little overwhelming, and…dark, but I immediately have several ideas to brighten it up and give it a more personalized feel.

For instance, adding a soft, light-colored rug, some pop’s of color on the wall, a cool light piece, and a plant would totally transform this area, while keeping with this natural, lovely feature of the house.

7. Muted Hues

A fresh coat of pain does so-o much good and when you do, soft and subtle is the way to go! Save your bold colors and pops for smaller items, throw pillows, blankets, and art work!

8. Tin Tiling

I’m sure you have seen these tin, metallic, looking ceiling tiles in a historic building at some point. Many homes have done away with them, but I still see them in places like boutiques and shoppes in my hometown!

If the ceiling look is too much of a commitment for you, might I go out on a limb and suggest BACKSPLASH! Which is exactly what I opted in my kitchen that needed a complete overhaul when we moved in. Here’s an example…

This DIY is seriously simple, and is not pricey when done in small spaces. It adds an extra flair, and gives your home a historic, elegant feel!

Here’s the link for the ones I purchased for my backsplash makeover → Tin Tiles

9. Creative Visual Storage

Whether you have a green thumb or can’t keep grass alive, here are a few examples of some tasteful pops of green!

Since I don’t have all of the rooms in my house complete I opted for the hanging terrariums you see pictured.

You can get them at Lowes, or also here→Amazon in different shapes and sizes!

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