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Mortgage Loans 101

It has been said that the largest and most emotional purchase of your life will be that of your home. So how do you ease the stress of this purchasing process? The best thing you can do to

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Meet Our Director Of Operations Debbie Scanish

The most vital role of any highly successful and mega real estate team is the position of Director of Operations. All things that happen flow through our Director of Operations - she is at the

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New Home Collective 2016 Review

Happy New Year's Eve!As we take this time to reflect on the past year, we tend to pay most attention to what we perceive as our strengths and weaknesses in our personal lives. However, it's

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New Home Collective Christmas Party 2016 Photo Album

As the 2016 year comes to a close, we start to ponder on how we have changed. Hopefully, of course, it's for the better. We look back at our accomplishments, failures, and what made 2016 a

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Amazing Properties Available Near Red River Gorge

For rock climbers, undoubtedly the most well known area of Kentucky is the Red River Gorge. But this area isn’t just for rock climbers – RRG has so much to offer to everyone. This is the perfect

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The Top 5 New Listings In Central Kentucky

The market is bustling with activity and home turnover is swiftly changing. Here are my top 5 of the 96 new listings in central Kentucky. Click→→ https:/

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